Top 5 Best iPhone Keylogger Apps in 2020

Need Best iPhone keylogger app in 2020? Pick one of the best 5 keylogger apps that work on any iPhone model, all you have to do is install it on the phone.

Spying on someone’s mobile device is not something that you want to do out of the fun. Such situations arise when you feel there is something wrong about that person or you desperately want that person to not get involved with any suspicious activity.

This is where the keylogger feature of spying applications plays a grand role. The most powerful iPhone keylogger out there in the market is Spyine solution followed by Spiyer, Minspy, Spyic and Cocospy, keylogger for iPhone without jailbreak free.

To the parents who want their kids to monitor by tracking their emails, reading their social media conversations, and accessing their passwords can simply install any of these applications.

Other than the concerned parents, these particular spying apps are also found useful in several cases:

  • To keep an eye on any fraudulent activities.
  • To back-up important or confidential information.
  • To check how loyal the employees are.

Keep reading the article and mark down the different spying tools well-known for their keylogger feature with keylogger for iPhone free, especially for iPhone devices.

5 Different best free keylogger for iPhone spying applications in 2020


When it comes to spying someone’s device or data, Spyine solution works the best. Spyine app is considered best for the iPhone keylogger feature nowadays.

Here’s how you can get the leverage of Spyine’s keylogger feature

  • Set up your own account on Spyine at free of cost.
  • Install the Spyine application on the iOS device for spying the device data.
  • Sync the data by logging into the Spyine dashboard using iCloud account details.

Some array of advantages that Spyine offers include:

  • Spyine works without jailbreak.
  • Spyine keylogger can be activated using any web browser.
  • Spyine is legal and safe.
  • Spyine keylogger feature can be accessed at a reasonable price rate.

Spyine allows the user to track every single thing that is being done with the device. From having a detailed record of iMessages and social media conversation to tracking the device location, the spying tool never fails to provide real-time results.

Spyine is thus a one-stop spying solution for those who are curious about accessing the keylogger feature tracking app.


Another safe and trust-worthy iPhone keylogger application is Spyier. Spyier works on stealth mode, making things much simpler for the users.keylogger for iphone free

Here’s how you can use Spyier with ease.

  • Have your own Spyier account using your email ID.
  • Install the application on the iOS device and get ready for the synchronization.
  • To use the iOS keylogger feature, log-in to the Spyier dashboard using iCloud account details of the targeted device.

Spyier, when installed in a device, does not let the user know about its presence. The icon gets disappeared and the features start working in the background.


Another user-friendly spying tool that offers the iPhone keylogger feature is Minspy. Its amazing user-friendly interface and 100% safe and secure process have compelled many users to download and install the app to tailor their needs.keylogger for iphone without jailbreak free

Using the iPhone keylogger feature with Minspy is quite easy. Either you go through the following steps or watch the live demo.

  • Register for a Minspy account with your own email ID. The email ID is also required to get regular updates for the app.
  • Install Minspy application on iOS-based devices.
  • Login to the Minspy Dashboard with the iCloud credentials, if the targeted device is based on iOS.

iCloud credentials not just help you to have data synchronization with the device but even allow you to work at a remote distance.

Minspy keylogger works in the background without using jailbreak. From device location to browsing history and device data, everything can be monitored using this application. You just need to have proper internet connectivity with the device.


Spyic uses a web-based interface and a stealth mode feature to keep an eye on the targeted device. It comes with plenty of iPhone tracking features, including keylogger that gives you access to the target’s account, password, messages, calls, etc.

Here are a few steps to use Spyic iPhone keylogger.

  • Create a Spyic account using your own existing email ID. This takes hardly a few minutes, provided if you have an email address.
  • Download and install the application on the iPhone device, which is absolutely free of cost.
  • Synchronize Spyic account with the targeted device by adding iCloud details.
  • Once the app starts syncing data, log-in to the Spyic Dashboard with your web browser and monitors remotely.

Spyic has been certified for its extreme privacy protection feature. Its quality has been assessed by the reputed platforms like BBC, The New York Times, and BuzzFeed.

Spyic neither occupies much space nor it drains the battery, offering zero chance of getting exposed. Rather it ensures to keep the process 100% secret without costing you a lot of bucks.

Cocospy Best iPhone Keylogger

Last but not the least, Cocospy is another most preferable iPhone keylogger application in today’s market. Cocospy works for every iOS device – whether it is an iPhone or an iPad. No matter which one is your target, Cocospy is ready to monitor.

To utilize the Cocospy keylogger feature, here are some fruitful ways.

  • Make a free account on Cocospy.
  • Install the Cocospy app on iPhone or iPad.
  • Sync the device data by moving to the Cocospy Dashboard using iCloud credentials.

Cocospy keylogger feature allows the user to roll an eye over social media-related activities such as messages, media files, etc. It even keeps a tab on the iMessages, browser history, and even helps you to track the GPS location of the device.

Cocospy possesses almost the same features as others. It can be used by any web browser, offering a far better option than those paid spying tools available over the web.

End Notes for Best iPhone Keylogger

The afore-mentioned spying apps that offer the most powerful iPhone keylogger out there in the market have some key advantages. If you have gone through the points thoroughly, probably you have marked them out initially. But if not, here we have listed them in a brief.

  • The listed applications are compatible with all the versions of iOS.
  • Spying tools are easy to install and affordable.
  • The applications work equally well without jailbreaking.

These are some prominent reasons that have made the applications so demanding nowadays. There is no harm in keeping tabs on a device unless you have any bad intentions. Rather having an iPhone keylogger in this modern digital era is a sign of bravery and sharp-mindset.

Choose the best application of the iPhone keylogger, preferably the Spyine, and install it on the targeted device for better monitoring.

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