How to Change JioFi Password – Steps To Change Jiofi Password (2020)

How to change JioFi password and Name Easily:

Here are some steps mentioned below by following them you can easily change JioFi password and name or how to reset jiofi password if forgotten. This guide is helpful for those who don’t have much experience with laptops/desktop or routers.How to Change JioFi Password

1. The detailed step by step to Change JioFi Password guide:

Here we are going to tell you the detailed guide of how to change JioFi password and name?

  • Switch on your JioFi router: The first step is to switch on your JioFi router. Press the power button and wait until the device is on.
  • Connect a device to your JioFi router: Now connect your smartphone, laptop, tablets, or desktop with your JioFi router. The default user name and password will be mentioned on the back of this device/box, in case you haven’t changed the password or user name. But if you have changed it then you have to enter your own password first.
  • Access the configuration page to manage the JioFi settings: For accessing the configuration page open a web browser on your device which you have connected before some time. Now visit the (https://jiofi.local.html) Or ( )
  • Login to the settings page of your JioFi router: When you visit the site mentioned above. You will reach a log in page. Two fields are mentioned there username and password. Now click on the login option mentioned below these fields after entering the user name or password in administrator.
  • Set a new password: Now click on the network >> Wi-Fi configuration to change your username and password. Then a list of option will display on your screen such as status, channel, encryption, etc. You will find an option named password at the end of this list. Choose the option and enter the password of your choice. After entering the password tap on the save button to save the chases you have made.

2. 7 Steps To Change Jiofi Password (2020)

  1. At first connect your device(smartphone, laptop) with the JioFi.
  2. After that open a web browser and go to the site ( )
  3. If you have a JioFi dongle then open ( Jiodongal.local.html )
  4. Now click on the login option at the top right corner of the page.
  5. After that enter administrator as user name and password.
  6. Now visit Wi-Fi settings under the settings option.
  7. After visiting the Wi-Fi settings now change your jiofi password and SSID name according to you.

After completing the whole process now click on the Save option to save the password and SSID name you have chosen. Congratulations you have successfully changed the JioFi name and password by following the steps mentioned above. Always choose a strong password for any device you are using.

But in the case, If you still fail to Change JioFi Password to unlock your device. Then feel free to ask us in the comment section we will definitely try to help you.

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