Yes, you got it right, here you will find the best working method no how to unlock JioFi Mobile Router JioFi2 JioFi3 and JioFi4 for free, I have been doing some research on the JioFi Mobile Router from past few days. You are about to get the best working method to JioFiUnlock 2020.

We will guide on JioFi Unlock and open software program, How to JioFiUnlock to utilize any sim card for 3g/4g web for nothing.

We should see the bit by bit procedure to UnlockJioFi:

can i use another jio sim in jiofi

Follow this simple Method to Unlock JioFi For Free.

This 3 Method is now not working you can upgrade jiofi-firmware for better Version

1. How to unlock your JioFi Free 2020

  • Go to Google And Download jiofi Universal Master Code : Here.
  • The software is Free to use.
  • It’s Open software.
  • Select a modem manufacturer and model of your JioFi.
  • Now Enter the IMEI number of your JioFi.
  • Click on Calculate.
  • It takes some time to calculate the jiofi unlock code and Flash code.
  • Now insert any other network sim in your JioFi.
  • Use that unlocking code to unlock the JioFi Device
  • Now you have JioFi Unlock For Free
  • You can use any sim with your JioFi.

2. How to upgrade to jiofi-wifi firmware:

  • Now go to the browser in a device which is connected to jio-wifi
  • go to http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm
  • log in with the username and password
  • Click on configuration and take a backup

Download jiofi-wifi firmware latest version from link here

  • Click on browse and choose the firmware file and click update
  • it will update quickly
  • Device reboots and enjoys the latest firmware

Now you got the jiofi unlocking code and inserted another company sim in your Device but your JiFi software is not showing you the unlocking code option as jio fi unlock. This happens because JioFi comes with locked firmware.

Don’t get panic here’s the solution for it. Just upgrade your JioFi firmware

it will restart! done!

you can now use airtel, idea, any sim card !!

3. How to upgrade any JioFi, JioFi2, JioFi3 Firmware download to unlock JioFi

Power on Jiofi

  • Connect it to PC or mobile to join Jiofi WiFi network.
  • Login to Admin panel: by copy-pasting this link  in browser http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm
  • In Setting Tab Click on Firmware Upgrade.
  • Now installed this Firmware Upgrade.
  • Final Step checks the installed firmware version under ‘Device Software Version.
  • Select Browse option under Software Upgrade.
  • Select a location where the jiofi firmware is available & select it.
  • Upgrade your Jiofi Device.

it will restart! done!

Conclusion: How to unlock jiofi to use any sim card for 3g/4g internet for free.

This is the way you can Unlock your JioFi to utilize the JioFi with various Networks. Expectation you all you like this article. Thus, on the off chance that you like this article, at that point share it with your companions so they can get its advantage. On the off chance that you despite everything have any questions, ask us by means of the remark box underneath.

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    jiofi Universal Master Code d doesn’t work . gives the path to bin file only. also

    1. which method do you use for unlocking jiofi and which jiofi mode pls?

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